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Acyberschool Services

Solutions to Businesses

  • Role Based Awareness

  • Cybersecurity Tools

  • Advisory To The Board

Solutions to academic institutions

  • Cybersecurity Curriculum Development

  • US-UK-Africa Cybersecurity Educational Collaboration 

  • Support for Cybersecurity Academic Curriculum Development 

  • Industry-Aligned Cybersecurity Educational Strategy Development

  • Global Cybersecurity Educational Strategy and Networking

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Business Solutions


Empower Your Team with Customized Cybersecurity Skills

We understand the diverse challenges faced by businesses in the digital landscape. Our specialized training programs are custom-tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring your employees are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate and manage complex cyber threats effectively


Stay Ahead with Cutting-Edge Tools & Technologies

We provide expert guidance on the most advanced cybersecurity tools, helping your business maintain a strong defense against potential digital threats. Acybersechool in partnership with globally renowned cybersecurity brands ensures that your business is safe 24/7 with solutions tailored to the African landscape 


Enhancing Cybersecurity Knowledge Across All Levels

Role-based awareness training is designed to elevate the cybersecurity understanding of your entire team. Whether they're in IT, management, or any other department, we ensure that every member of your organization is informed and vigilant against cyber risks


Strategic Cybersecurity Insights for Decision Makers

Our advisory services for the board focus on delivering strategic insights and practical guidance. We ensure that your company’s cybersecurity strategies are not only robust and effective but also perfectly aligned with your broader business goals and objectives

Institutions Solutions


US-UK-Africa Cybersecurity Educational Collaboration

Facilitating a tri-continental collaboration between the US, UK, and Africa institutions of higher learning  in cybersecurity education. This partnership fosters a rich exchange of knowledge and aligns educational practices with international standards


Industry-Aligned Cybersecurity Educational Strategy Development

Crafting educational strategies in cybersecurity that are closely aligned with industry trends and requirements. This ensures that the education provided is practical, relevant, and prepares students for the real-world challenges in cybersecurity


Support for Cybersecurity Academic Curriculum Development

Providing expert support to academic institutions in Africa for the development of their cybersecurity academic programs. Our focus is to ensure these programs are comprehensive, up-to-date, industry-aligned and recognised globally


Global Cybersecurity Educational Strategy and Networking

Developing a global strategy for cybersecurity education, promoting networking and collaboration opportunities for institutions. This aims to integrate African academic institutions into the global cybersecurity education network, enhancing their visibility and impact

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