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The Cybersecurity and AI Innovation Challenge Africa (CAICA) Is Pathway For Startups, Researchers, And Founders Dedicated To Creating Solutions That Resonate With Our Unique African Context To Get To Market, And Generate Returns Through Incubation, Mentorship, & Investments

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We invite innovators, startups, and thinkers from across the continent to showcase their groundbreaking solutions in cybersecurity and AI. We’re looking for solutions that address Africa’s unique challenges. Submit an online registration form, provide a detailed project proposal highlighting your innovative solution including a 3-minute video. Teams and individuals are encouraged to apply from April 27th to not miss this unparalleled opportunity to drive change


Criteria and Selection Process

Your submissions will be evaluated based on innovation, impact potential, technical viability, scalability, and team composition. After an initial screening, selected projects will be reviewed by our panel of experts, with finalists potentially invited for detailed interviews. Winning projects, announced on cohort basis, will benefit from acyberschool's comprehensive support, including Incubation, Go To Market Acceleration, and Investor Matching


Propel Your Innovation or Startup to New Heights

Are you working on a cybersecurity or AI project that could redefine how we solve African challenges? CAICA is looking for you. This is your chance to take your innovation from concept to reality with our tailored incubation program, market access support, and seed funding opportunities. Whether you're at the ideation stage or have a developed solution, we're here to amplify your impact. Dive into an ecosystem that values your vision, supported by mentors who've navigated the path from startups to success stories


Partner With Us To Pioneer Change

CAICA is not just about finding solutions; it's about building a sustainable future for African innovation in cybersecurity and AI. We invite organizations, universities, and tech hubs to join us as partners in this exciting journey. Your expertise, networks, and resources can help elevate promising projects to global standards, ensuring they not only thrive but also drive real change. Together, we can create a legacy of innovation that's by Africa, for Africa, and beyond. Let's collaborate to support the brightest minds and make a lasting impact


Get Involved As Africa Leapfrogs

Whether you're an innovator eager to showcase your project, an organization looking to make a difference, or simply curious about the future of technology in Africa, CAICA welcomes you. This challenge is just the beginning. It's an invitation to be part of a movement that's setting the stage for Africa to lead in cybersecurity and AI innovation. Explore our website to learn more about how you can get involved, apply for the challenge, or become a partner. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey and unlock the potential of African innovation

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