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Bug Bounty Program

Are you ready to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level? Imagine turning your passion for digital defense into a full-time career or a rewarding side hustle as an ethical hacker. Welcome to acyberschool, where Bug Bounty hunting becomes your superpower. We've aggregated regional and global bug bounty programs that invite independent security researchers like yourself to examine products and websites for vulnerabilities for rewards that range anywhere from $50 - $XXXXX

acyberschool security research briefing
Why Big Companies Need You!!!

To tap into the collective brilliance of the global cybersecurity community like yourself, thus a a win-win scenario where you, get the opportunity to assess their services and test your skills, and get paid when you unearth a legitimate bug or security flaw following the specific requirements prescribed to qualify

Corporate BB Program

Bug Bounty programs enlist independent cybersecurity researchers, offering a chance to scrutinize your products and websites for vulnerabilities. These discoveries significantly contribute to fortifying your organization's digital infrastructure. Bug bounty programs provide an external perspective from a global community of ethical hackers, enriching your in-house security team without the burden of substantial upfront investments

acyberschool corporate bug bounty program
Why Integrate Bug Bounty Programs Into Your Cybersecurity Strategy?


acyerschool works with a body of world's best ethical hackers to search for both basic human error to sophisticated flaws in critical infrastructure. The business case for enlisting your institution in a bounty hunting program includes:

  • Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities before threat actors exploit them, bolstering your organization's resilience and minimizing potential risks.

  • Cost-Effective Vigilance: Acquire vulnerability insights at a fraction of the cost of dealing with a full-scale cybersecurity breach. Efficient resource allocation is at the core of bug bounty programs.

  • Access to Top-Tier Expertise: Bug bounty programs connect your organization with a diverse pool of highly skilled bug hunters, providing an array of specialized skills and perspectives in vulnerability assessment.

  • Realistic Threat Response Simulation: Experience real-world cybersecurity scenarios closely mirroring potential threats, enhancing your incident response preparedness and strategic decision-making.


Ready for proactive vulnerability detection?

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