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Acyberschool Hubs

Africa's First Cybersecurity Collaboration, Research, Innovation, and Capacity Building Hubs

Welcome to Acyberschool Hubs, cybersecurity centers of excellence established in institutions of higher education institutions aimed at enhancing cybersecurity expertise throughout Africa. Our shared workspace offers a lively environment for cybersecurity professionals to collaborate on real-time or emerging threats through a joint Cybersecurity Operation Center. This center supports businesses, academic institutions, organizations, and the public, fostering research and innovation in cybersecurity with regards to emerging technologies including AI and IoT. The hub provides learners with practical experience in various cybersecurity areas, including operations in the Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Forensics Lab, available at our locations. Our goal is to introduce 1,000,000 skilled professionals with skin in the game into the job market by 2030

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Cybersecurity Community

Inclusive Hub for Cybersecurity Professionals, Students, Policy Makers and Clients

Join our vibrant community at acyberschool Hubs, where cybersecurity professionals collaborate to address real-world challenges. Acyberschool fosters innovation and offers a unique space for sharing insights, solutions, and industry or role specific cybersecurity capacity building. Engage with a network of cybersecurity experts through our membership-based professional community. Access premium content, expert forums, and exclusive industry events. Become a member of our Hubs and gain access to networking events, mentorship, job  opportunities, and participate in groundbreaking cybersecurity research and development initiatives

Global Certifications

Empowering Africa's Cybersecurity Future Through Handson Practical Skills

Acyberschool Hubs stands as a beacon of knowledge and practical expertise in the cybersecurity landscape of Africa. Acyberschool is dedicated to cultivating a robust cybersecurity workforce equipped with global certifications and real-world skills to tackle the most pressing challenges in the industry.  Our cybersecurity certifications are curated to empower students with career path based upto date knowledge and practical skills to excel in the ever-evolving cybersecurity domain. From beginners to seasoned professionals, acyberschool courses are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the businesses,  and organisations across Africa

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Safe Internet Access

Internet Safety Awareness To Protect The Most Vulnerable In Communities

Overall, acyberschool's goal is to create a digitally enlightened society, where everyone is equipped to protect themselves and their data against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. We have dedicated our Hubs to community awareness initiatives designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for safer digital interactions. As part of our commitment to building a secure online environment, Safe Access offers a series of engaging workshops, seminars, and campaigns aimed at educating the public about the importance of cybersecurity, recognizing online threats, and adopting best practices for digital safety. Through collaborative efforts with cybersecurity experts, global partners, local leaders, and development agencies, we cultivate a well-informed community that can confidently navigate the complexities of the internet, ensuring that every click is more secure and information consumed is not harmful

 ARU Hub: Regional Cybersecurity Collaboration & Stakeholder Consultation Space

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